Orange and black checkered colored Tri Star design Face 3D Style face Cover with pouch for filter

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3D style Face covering with an orange and black checkered  colored tri star design on one side of the masks. This has a white backing and you can put a filter in that pouch if you choose to. This is an One  sized mask

Here is a little start of a new addition to our face mask collection. Many were asking for this type of Mask and we have tried a few and this is the one we think will work best.
New mask details :
A 3D Face Mask Full White with Filter. This three-layered fabric mask has a pocket for filter insert. It has a memory foam outside. To help to adjust the mask to the face, it has a bendable metal strip at the nose area, with white color elastic straps and comes with 2 grommets for custom sizing.
The filter is inserted between two layers of cotton. This filter is not washable and should be replaced every 2-3 days if using often, 5-6 days if using occasionally. We sell filter packs in all our locations
* Three-layered structure, with memory foam outer layer, 100% cotton liner, and inner layer as a pocket for holding
* High Quality
* Has a bendable metal strip at the nose area for fitting
* W7.5" x 4.5"

—Note:  Not medical grade.  Not comparable to N95 masks. 

—Please note that on screens designs and color do have a variation - we try to take a few pictures to showcase the items as closely as we can but we do want you to make aware that some things on screen  can be a little different than in reality. 

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